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As globalisation increases travel opportunities of the population, consumers are exposed to different cultures and trends in the ever-changing landscape of interior design. Kitchen designs, in particular, have undergone tremendous changes over the past decade and along with the changes, vast improvements have been made to the fittings and appliances used in a kitchen.

We strive to bring the best in such improved fittings and appliances to consumers. At the same time, we hope to introduce the latest trends in kitchen planning to help consumers plan and organize their kitchen so that they can have a kitchen which is modern, beautiful as well as ergonomic and functional.

With more than 20 years of experience in supplying fittings and materials to the furniture and wood-working industry, we have slowly been evolving into a specialist supplier for the kitchen industry. Today, we are a leading supplier to the kitchen industry in Malaysia, working with many of the leading kitchen designers and interior designers. Our range of products can be seen in many kitchen showrooms throughout Malaysia as well as in exclusive property development show units.

Our commitment to the kitchen industry is backed by our competent staff who are on hand to provide planning information as well as after-sales servicing to both industry personnel and consumers alike.

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